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CoolCRYO Cryo Sculpting before & after


No matter how much we watch our diet and exercise, there are some places on the body where that stubborn fat just won’t go away.

Our state-of-the-art Slimming & Contouring technologies allow us to do fat reduction in areas that even traditional CoolSculpting® or other fat-freezing methods can’t reach.


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Our cutting edge Cryo Sculpting (cryo slimming) equipment cools the skin’s surface and brings underlying adipose tissue (subcutaneous fat) to fat-freezing temperature quickly. Fat cells become crystallized & die. The body expels these dead fat cells through the lymphatic process & breathing. 

Most see results within weeks (vs months or longer).

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ThermaSlim stomach fat reduction treatment.


Highlights of our ThermaSlim treatment program:

✔ Kills fat permanently, reduces & corrects cellulite, and tightens skin

✔ Targets most popular body parts such as tummy, thighs, love handles, arms, chin & more!

✔Feels like getting a relaxing hot stone massage

✔ Most see results in WEEKs instead of months

✔ No surgery. No downtime.

Services We Offer

We have a wide range of fat-freezing & body slimming services. Targeting nearly any body part. Our Cryo Sculpting treatments are the #1 newest alternative to CoolSculpting®

Reduce fat, correct cellulite, and tighten/brighten your skin! Our ThermaSlim treatment uses a combination of Multi-Polar Radio Frequency (HEAT) and PEMF which produces uniform heat in and below the skin.

Our state-of-the art equipment can also help improve other skin and body conditions such as acne, cellulite, stretch marks, scars, scar tissue, and even hair loss. 

For those looking for a quick and non-surgical way to tighten & brighten skin, our Facial treatments are a great option to tighten skin and smooth out wrinkles. 

Our advanced local cryotherapy technology is not only great for body sculpting — it’s also great in reducing acne and hair regrowth.

Our Cryotherapy treatments include full body cryotherapy, cold plunge ice baths, as well as local & advanced local cryotherapy.

Relax, detoxify & rejuvenate in one of our far-infrared saunas. See improvements to skin as well as decreased pain & inflammation.

Reduce inflammation, smooth skin, and stimulate lymphatic drainage with our full body compression therapy.

We’ve combined two wellness modalities (red light & vibroacoustic) to offer one amazing & immersive 20-minute experience.


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