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We have helped hundreds of people just like you, reduce inches easily.

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We have the latest and most effective non-surgical body contouring equipment — not only in the Black Hills — but nearly anywhere.

Recently Mike, founder of CoolCRYO, sat down with the equipment manufacturer behind our ThermaSlim treatment option and shared some insights into why & how we added ThermaSlim into our body contouring offering.



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Are you struggling with stubborn fat, loose skin, or cellulite that won’t go away even with diet and exercise?

We have helped people just like you, reduce inches easily.

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Welcome To CoolCRYO!

We have the most advanced state-of-the-art treatments including:

🥶 Cryo Sculpting (Fat Freezing)

The newest #1 alternative to CoolSculpting®. Freeze fat, lose inches, tighten skin.

🔥 ThermaSlim

Uses HEAT to destroy fat permanently, reduce & correct cellulite, and tighten skin! Feels like a HOT STONE massage!

🌿All-NATURAL Facials

🤗 Core Wellness Services

Fully Body Cryotherapy, Cold Plunge Ice Bath, Red Light Therapy, Lymphatic Massage Compression Therapy, Leg Compression, Infrared Sauna, Vibration Plate & More!

So Thrilled!
"I came in -- in a size 16 and I am now down to a size 8! Anybody that's skeptical about coming into CoolCRYO should definitely come in and give it a shot."

- Cat ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Cryo Sculpting & ThermaSlim Client
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Safe: Non-surgical, risk-free procedures

Effective: Directly targets and kills fat cells

Rejuvenating: Stimulates collagen, tightens skin

Convenient: Quick sessions, no down-time

Results: Provides permanent results

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Invest In Yourself
"CoolCRYO has become part of my puzzle. Everybody with CoolCRYO - they make me feel good in my skin no matter what it looks like. Invest in yourself and give it a try."

- Miranda O'Bryan
(Miss South Dakota)
Cryo Sculpting & ThermaSlim Client

Before / After

ThermaSlim stomach fat reduction treatment.

Fat Reduction

Results: Notable reduction on entire stomach/tummy area. More visible definition around oblique line. Adjacent areas have experienced fat loss and are smoother & flatter.

Technology: ThermaSlim

So Inviting!!
"Going to CoolCRYO has been amazing, very inviting and the owner and staff are quite knowledgeable with the different procedures. I highly recommend it to others!"

- Dee Nettles ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Fat Reduction

Results: Visible fat loss throughout upper & lower belly.

Technology: Cryo Sculpting

fat freezing - cryo sculpting. before after stomach treatment
ThermaSlim. Reduce belly fat. No surgery

Tummy Reduction

Results: Notable reduction in entire stomach/tummy area. Flatter lower tummy. More visible definition around oblique line.

Technology: ThermaSlim

Skin Tightening Treatment

Results: Skin on tummy is noticeably tighter & lighter. More even skin complexion.

Technology: Skin Repair | Cryo

thermaslim stomach fat reduction - woman - side profile

Fat Reduction

Results: Notable reduction over entire stomach/tummy area. Flatter lower tummy. More visible definition around oblique line.

Technology: ThermaSlim

Rapid City Location

Conveniently located right off I-90, near WaTiki Indoor Waterpark. Only a short drive from Spearfish!

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