See below 👇 for details of our free treatment program.



Thank you for volunteering to participate in our free cellulite treatment program!

We are testing a piece of equipment that has the potential to correct cellulite and/or reduce the appearance of it.


Please ensure that you have booked 7-8 total appointments over the 4 week period (Week of 4/25, 5/2, 5/9, & 5/16). Appointments should be spaced out leaving at least 1 day between appointments (i.e. Tue/Thu).

If you do not have 7-8 total appointments scheduled, please be sure to book the remainder of your appointments by clicking here. Anyone with fewer than 7-8 appointments may be removed from the treatment program.

To stay in the demo treatment program, you must attend all appointments. Any no-shows or cancellations will unfortunately exclude/drop you from the program.


If you haven’t already done so, please fill out our liability waiver prior to your first appointment.

Click Here To Complete Your Liability Waiver online

The Technology

The technology is called RPW – Radial Pressure Wave (aka Shockwave) therapy, and uses ultrasound technology to send high-energy acoustic waves into the target area to stimulate the body’s natural healing abilities.

In more simple terms, the equipment delivers short, quick taps/pulses to the treatment area at various speeds and intensities. The higher the intensity, the deeper the penetration. We’ll start with light and slow pulses, and increase — always ensuring the client is comfortable.

Please see the video below for additional information.

What To Expect

We have a completely full calendar, so please be sure to arrive for your appointment early or on time. If you are late, we may not be able to perform your treatment.

We’ll take quick photos of the area being treated before each appointment, and then move you into the treatment room.

We’ll apply a clear gel to the skin in the area being treated, then begin the treatment.

We’ve allocated 30 total minutes per appointment. Depending on the area being treated, you may be done sooner.

What To Wear

In most cases, cellulite is present on the butt & thighs (back, outer, front, inner).

Please be sure to wear something that allows us to get direct skin access to the area that is being treated.

The most common thing to wear is underwear (thong for butt treatments), a bikini bottom, or loose shorts.

Post Treatment / Side Effects

There are no known notable side effects from this treatment. Skin may be temporarily red/pink. Mild temporary inflammation may occur. Some mild bruising is possible, but not likely. We will check-in with you the day after the treatment via text.

Thank You!

We are hopefully optimistic that this treatment will help notably reduce the appearance of cellulite, or even better, correct the root cause of it. We greatly appreciate your participation in this program.