Cold Plunge


Come do a cold plunge in Rapid City, SD!

Cold plunges & ice baths are an essential tool to help improve overall health, recovery & mental health. Regular use of this type of cold therapy is known to:

  • Reduce inflammation & chronic pain
  • Increase blood flow
  • Boost energy & performance
  • Boost metabolism
  • Improve sleep
  • Support the immune system & more

Our self-cooling (no ice needed) cold plunge tub’s temperature is set to 42°F. Our tub has a powerful cooling, filtration, and ozone sanitation giving you an unmatched clean & cold plunging experience.

During your visit, challenge yourself by cycling through multiple cold plunges. Start with 1-3 minutes, then work yourself up from there.


There are many health/wellness benefits of cold therapy & deliberate cold exposure.

The best way to find out how cold therapy will help you is to take the “plunge” and come visit us at CoolCRYO!

Our cold plunge (& contrast therapy) room may be reserved for either 30 minutes or 60 minutes.

For those that are new to cold plunging, we recommend starting with 1-3 minute cycles and working up from there.

There are many informative videos about cold therapy & cold exposure on YouTube, such as one from the Huberman Lab Podcast titled “Using Deliberate Cold Exposure for Health and Performance”.

Please check out some of them here.

We’d also recommend searching for “cryotherapy”, “cold therapy”, and “cold exposure” on sites such as

Please wear your favorite bathing suit. The more skin exposed the more chance you’ll have to enjoy the healing/wellness benefits of the cold therapy!

Towels, robes, wraps are also available for pre/post session.

For muscle soreness, we’d recommend our cryotherapy chamber and/or ice bath (cold plunge).

For muscle tightness, we’d recommend either our infrared sauna or red light therapy (our red light panels utilize both red light & near infrared wavelengths).

If you are unsure of which service would be best for your specific situation / injury / goal, our staff would be happy to assist you.


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