A total body immersive experience that’s good for you.

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Lay back and immerse yourself in a wave of light, heat, sound, and full body vibration.

We’ve combined two life-improving wellness therapies — creating a truly unique total-body zen-like experience.

Introducing the Red Light SoundVibe experience from CoolCRYO.


Our Red Light SoundVibe experience provides total-body healing by combining:

Red Light Therapy

A combination of specific red and near-infrared light wavelengths that super-charge the mitochondria – generating new healing energy for your skin, cells, and entire body.

Red Light is known to help reduce inflammation, decrease healing time after certain procedures, and also helps improve the skin.

Vibroacoustic Therapy

An innovative new sound therapy that conducts sound as vibrations throughout your entire body. It activates the parasympathetic nervous system, putting you in a fully relaxed, stress-free state almost instantaneously.

About The Experience

As you lay under the warm, soothing and healing energies of our red light therapy panel, you will also experience the power of gentle vibrations.

By using mild sound and certain frequencies to permeate the body’s cells, our SoundVibe technology creates a gentle massage from the inside out — influencing your physical and mental responses.

Vibroacoustic therapy is ideal for those seeking stress reduction, pain relief, improved sleep, increased energy cellular regeneration, general feelings of well being and more.

This fully immersive experience of heat, light, sound & vibration creates space for deep relaxation to take place as we ease and re-tune the body back into harmony —  stimulating the regulatory metabolic and immune systems back into balance.

Come rest, recover & revive in CoolCRYO’s Red Light SoundVibe Experience ♥.


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Our Red Light SoundVibe room is private and will only be occupied by the individual identified on the appointment.

The more skin exposed to the red light, the better. As such, we encourage clients to wear as little clothing as possible, or none at all. 

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