Self-administered local cryotherapy. 


Self-administered local cryotherapy. When you’re in need of pain or inflammation reduction in a specific area of your body, look no further than CoolCRYO for our XCryo local cryotherapy pain management treatments.

Give yourself a dose of cold therapy in specific areas such as knee, elbow, shoulder, or anywhere you have aches & pains.

Each XCryo local cryotherapy session is approximately 15-20 minutes.


Local cryotherapy is a cryostimulation treatment that increases blood flow to injured or sore muscles and joints.

Extreme cold applied to the injured area stimulates oxygenated blood flow, reducing tension and inflammation.

Most will do a self-administered local cryotherapy treatment for 15-20 minutes, one to three times per week.

To get the most benefit from your local cryotherapy session, it is best to apply the cold treatment directly to the skin.

We recommend wearing loose clothing so that the treatment area can be directly accesses.

Alternatively, thin clothes can be worn, and the treatment can be applied through the clothing.

For muscle soreness, we’d recommend local cryotherapy, our cryotherapy chamber, or ice bath (cold plunge).

For muscle tightness, we’d recommend either our infrared sauna or red light therapy (our red light panels utilize both red light & near infrared wavelengths).

If you are unsure of which service would be best for your specific situation / injury / goal, our staff would be happy to assist you.


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