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Get near-instant pain relief, inflammation reduction, performance boost, mood improvement, and much more.

Our specialized all-electric full body cryotherapy chamber monitors your body in 6 locations (3 front, 3 back).

Once all 6 locations reach the target temperature, the safety features of our chamber will automatically end the session within 30 seconds. This way, your body will never be over-exposed (or under exposed).

Get a rush of epinephrine (adrenaline), norepinephrine, and dopamine. Leave feeling exhilarated & ready to take on any challenge.

Full body cryotherapy sessions range from 3-5 minutes on average.


Cold Plunge (Ice Bath)

Cold plunges & ice baths are an essential tool to help improve overall health, recovery & mental health.

During your visit, challenge yourself by cycling through multiple cold plunges. Start with 1-3 minutes, then work yourself up from there.

Advanced Pain Management

CoolCRYO also offers advanced pain management treatments that may be purchased separately. 

Wellness Members receive large discounts on these services.

Local Cryotherapy

Need pain or inflammation reduction in a specific area of your body? Our XCryo local cryotherapy treatments are a perfect option.

Give yourself a dose of cold therapy in specific areas such as knee, elbow, shoulder, or anywhere you have aches & pains.


There are many health/wellness benefits of cold therapy & deliberate cold exposure.

The best way to find out how cold therapy will help you is to take the “plunge” and come visit us at CoolCRYO!

Generally speaking, full-body cryotherapy sessions (time in the chamber) range from 2-4 minutes.

Our specialized cryo chamber monitors your body in 6 locations (3 front, 3 back). Once all 6 locations reach the target temperature, the safety features of our chamber will automatically end the session within 30 seconds. This way, your body will never be over-exposed (or under exposed).

CoolCRYO utilizes different forms of cold therapy (such as the full body cryotherapy treatment) to help improve performance, reduce muscle fatigue, speed recovery, reduce pain & inflammation, lower arthritic pain, improve mood & more.

Most people feel exhilarated & less sore for hours after a 3-minute session in a full body cryotherapy chamber (or ice bath). Repeated use can provide long lasting relief & overall wellness improvements.

Here’s a bit more information as to how/why full-body cryotherapy can help your overall health & well-being:

The principle behind cold-therapy, and experiencing the benefits, is quickly (and safely) lowering your skin temperature (to 41F – 59F) to put the body into a state of thermal shock.

To protect itself from the cold, the body responds by increasing blood flow. Blood vessels — their diameter — also constrict (vasoconstriction).

The response mechanisms to extreme cold have pain relieving & inflammation reducing effects. Adrenaline & endorphins (feel good hormones) are released into your system, increasing the heart rate and blood pressure. The body also burns calories as it returns to temperature.

In short, there are many health & wellness benefits to utilizing different types of deliberate cold exposure, such as cryotherapy.

Everyone responds differently to full body cryotherapy treatments, so it’s hard to say precisely. Benefits can last from hours to days, depending on the individual.

At CoolCRYO, we chose our electric chambers (vs nitrogen) because:

✔ Equal distribution of cold
✔ Real-time skin temperature readings in 6 areas
✔ No “hot spots” (no areas colder than the other areas)
✔ Auto shut-off when your skin reaches intended temperature
✔ No way to over-expose any area
✔ No chance of feeling dizzy or lightheaded (a possible side-effect of nitrogen)

No matter which type of full body cryotherapy you choose, this type of deliberate cold exposure has many health & wellness benefits such as:

☑ Pain & inflammation reduction
☑ Relieve muscle soreness
☑ Increased blood flow
☑ Help lower/moderate heart rate
☑ Improve mood
☑ Burn fat (including visceral fat)

Cryotherapy can help with mood improvement and/or provide some with an energy boost by:

  • Increasing energy production by increasing the production of feel-good hormones (epinephrine, norepinephrine, adrenaline)
  • Increase the  body’s respiratory rate, which increases your oxygen

There are many informative videos about cold therapy & cold exposure on YouTube, such as one from the Huberman Lab Podcast titled “Using Deliberate Cold Exposure for Health and Performance”.

Please check out some of them here.

We’d also recommend searching for “cryotherapy”, “cold therapy”, and “cold exposure” on sites such as PubMed.gov.

In order to get the most of your full-body cryotherapy session, and getting the most cold exposure for your body, the most common thing to wear in the chamber is underwear.

Men: briefs or boxer briefs

Women: bra & panties

Alternatively, you may wear gym shorts or bathing suit (the shorter the better). For our female clients, a sports bra & boy shorts or 2-piece suit can be worn in place of underwear.

We will provide protective gear for your hands and feet. Towels, robes, wraps are also available for pre/post session.

For muscle soreness, we’d recommend our cryotherapy chamber and/or ice bath (cold plunge).

For muscle tightness, we’d recommend either our infrared sauna or red light therapy (our red light panels utilize both red light & near infrared wavelengths).

If you are unsure of which service would be best for your specific situation / injury / goal, our staff would be happy to assist you.


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