Relax, detoxify & rejuvenate in one of our advanced far-infrared saunas.

Infrared Sauna in Rapid City


Relax, detoxify & rejuvenate in our advanced Far-Infrared Sauna.

Our Infrared Sauna offers several wellness benefits including:

  • Detoxification & relaxation
  • Accelerate lymphatic drainage
  • Cardiovascular benefits
  • Decreased pain & inflammation
  • Improvements to skin (suppressed skin aging, improved circulation, faster healing)
  • Speed up muscle recovery
  • Temporary weight/inch loss (water weight)
  • Plus a whole lot more more!

We include extra-time in your scheduled appointment for undressing, drying-off, & dressing.


The benefits of infrared saunas include:

  • Reduce stiffness and soreness by increasing blood circulation
  • Help relieve inflammation
  • Infrared heat penetrates deep to relax muscles and carry off metabolic waste products
  • Deliver oxygen-rich blood to the muscles for a faster recovery

Dry saunas and steam rooms (wet saunas) heat the air, and heat you from the outside in. For some, the hot air can make it slightly hard to breath.

Infrared saunas heat objects (like your body) and not the air, and as such will penetrate much deeper into your muscles. Plus, since the air in an infrared sauna is not heated, it is much easier to breath and is more comfortable and relaxing.

Generally speaking, individuals can tolerate longer infrared sauna sessions then traditional saunas or steam rooms.

In a single sauna session the most that can be expected is some moderate water weight loss. So, if you’re looking to shed some weight/inflammation prior to a special event, 60-minutes in our sauna could be a good option to consider.

Of course saunas do increase your metabolic rate, similar to moderate exercise. So with repeated use, infrared saunas can be a good compliment to a healthy diet and exercise program to aid in more long term weight loss or inch reduction.

For permanent fat loss, please see our ThermaSlim & Cryo Sculpting Service pages.

Some studies indicate that regularly using infrared saunas will boost your Vitamin D levels naturally!

We supply towels, room music, aromatherapy, bottled water, and more. If you have a preferred water alternative, feel free to bring that with you.

Clothing: Please see “What should I wear in the Infrared Sauna?” below.

Our infrared sauna is equipped with Bluetooth and internal speakers, so you may pair your phone to it, and play your preferred music.

We leave this to the client’s discretion. Our infrared sauna room is private and will only be occupied by the individual(s) identified on the appointment.

The only restriction is that no shoes or socks are allowed in the infrared sauna.  

We encourage all our clients to shower before their infrared sauna appointment when and if possible.


Our Rapid City location is equipped with the latest Infrared Sauna, music (use ours or bring your own), aromatherapy & plenty of towels.

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