Reduce cellulite & inflammation, smooth skin, burn fat, and stimulate lymphatic drainage with our full body compression therapy.

BodyStyler full body compression reduces cellulite


Our full body compression therapy suit attacks thigh, leg & butt cellulite at its core, breaking down the dense connective chords.

Collagen & elastin begin to regenerate at a faster rate, helping skin look smoother.


Our state-of-the art Bodystyler full body compression therapy suit combines specially programed air pressure therapy massages with air/oxygen delivery.

The fusion of these modalities helps:

  • Activate the lymph system
  • Boost your metabolism
  • Increase blood flow to skin & fat tissue
  • Reduce appearance of cellulite in legs, thighs & butt

The Result: Smoother looking skin

Full Body Compression Therapy: Smooth Skin
CoolCRYO: Slimyonik Bodystyler


The Bodystyler delivers a perfectly sequenced air-chamber pressure massage that activates your metabolism.

Simultaneously an increased intake of oxygen-enriched air optimizes fat-burning. Did you know that 84% of fat is released through your lungs?

The Slimyonik Bodystyler is the first to combine full body compression therapy with oxygen-enriched air delivery.

CoolCRYO is one of the first in the country to offer this advanced body & health improving treatment.


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Most treatments last 35-45 minutes. We usually reserve 50-55 minutes per session to allow for time to get in/out of the compression suit.

Our primary treatment protocol consists of 12 sessions:

  • 3x – week 1
  • 3x – week 2
  • 2x weeks 3 through 5

During each session we will apply one of the following air-compression programs:

  • Lymph massage
  • Slim & cellulite massage
  • Cellulite massage
  • Pre & post / Lipolysis / Cryo / Cavitation

Did you know that 84% of fat is removed through the lungs, while 16% is removed via your bodily fluids?

Our Bodystyler full body compression suit is equipped with an air nose cannula that delivers clean filtered air to you during your treatment. Since you inhale more air/oxygen during the treatment your body will naturally release more fat particles as you exhale.

No special clothing needed for the full body compression therapy.

For treatments using the 3/4-length compression  pants, we’ll ask you to remove your pants, and will provide you with a pair of hygienic pants to slip on over your underwear. You’ll also be provided a cannula that delivers additional clean air/oxygen to you during the session.

For treatments using our compression jacket, we’ll have you slide the hygienic top over your shirt, or if needed, we’ll have you remove your shirt.

The hygienic pants, jacket, and cannula will be assigned to you and stored at CoolCRYO for future treatments.

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