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Cryo Slimming is the #1 alternative to other fat freezing technologies such as CoolSculpting®.

✔ Kills fat permanently, tightens & brightens skin

✔ Target nearly any body part

✔ No BMI or weight restrictions like other non-surgical fat reduction treatments

✔ Faster treatment times & no excessive costs

✔ No surgery. No downtime.

2. Vibration Plate

Vibration plates can have many benefits, including improved muscle recovery, increased muscle strength, reduced bone loss, better balance, greater flexibility, decreased muscle soreness, faster weight loss, and boosted immunity.

In as little as 15 minutes a day of whole-body vibration three times a week, someone may experience aid in weight loss, fat burn, improved flexibility, enhanced blood flow, reduced muscle soreness after exercise, strength building, and decreased cortisol levels.

Vibration plate sessions in rapid city



So Thrilled!
"I came in -- in a size 16 and I am now down to a size 8! Anybody that's skeptical about coming into CoolCRYO should definitely come in and give it a shot."

- Cat ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Cryo Sculpting & ThermaSlim Client
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Safe: Non-surgical, risk-free procedures

Effective: Directly targets and kills fat cells

Rejuvenating: Stimulates collagen, tightens skin

Convenient: Quick sessions, no down-time

Results: Provides permanent results

Worth Every Penny!
"I have had 4 sessions with CoolCRYO and I have definitely seen results. The process is relaxing and I enjoy the atmosphere and the amazing customer service that I get every time I walk in. I don't plan on stopping my sessions.. it's worth every penny.😊"

- Jaida ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

CoolCRYO is the #1 CHOICE

for non-surgical fat reduction & body contouring in ALL of the Black Hills!

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Invest In Yourself
"CoolCRYO has become part of my puzzle. Everybody with CoolCRYO - they make me feel good in my skin no matter what it looks like. Invest in yourself and give it a try."

- Miranda O'Bryan
(Miss South Dakota)
Cryo Sculpting & ThermaSlim Client

Before / After

ThermaSlim stomach fat reduction treatment.

Fat Reduction

Results: Notable reduction on entire stomach/tummy area. More visible definition around oblique line. Adjacent areas have experienced fat loss and are smoother & flatter.

Technology: ThermaSlim

So Inviting!!
"Going to CoolCRYO has been amazing, very inviting and the owner and staff are quite knowledgeable with the different procedures. I highly recommend it to others!"

- Dee Nettles ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Fat Reduction

Results: Visible fat loss throughout upper & lower belly.

Technology: Cryo Sculpting

fat freezing - cryo sculpting. before after stomach treatment
ThermaSlim. Reduce belly fat. No surgery

Tummy Reduction

Results: Notable reduction in entire stomach/tummy area. Flatter lower tummy. More visible definition around oblique line.

Technology: ThermaSlim

Skin Tightening Treatment

Results: Skin on tummy is noticeably tighter & lighter. More even skin complexion.

Technology: Skin Repair | Cryo

thermaslim stomach fat reduction - woman - side profile

Fat Reduction

Results: Notable reduction over entire stomach/tummy area. Flatter lower tummy. More visible definition around oblique line.

Technology: ThermaSlim

Rapid City Location

Conveniently located right off I-90, near WaTiki Indoor Waterpark. Only a short drive from Spearfish!

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