11 Minutes:

What if you could completely change your life in just 11 minutes per WEEK?

Studies have shown that subjecting yourself to just 11 minutes of deliberate cold exposure per week can QUICKLY & EASILY help improve your health/wellness.

Sounds easy, right?


This Is Mary

Mary is 66 years young.Β 

She has fibromyalgia and has done the 28-Day Challenge 4-5 times (so far).

Can you hang πŸ’ͺwith Mary?Β 

"The chamber has been amazing. It has just taken away my pain. It helps me sleep. I would've never dreamed that the cold would help...but it does."

28 DAY


Here’s The Deal:

We’re looking for People in the Rapid City (Black Hills), South Dakota area who need a total body reboot. We’re talking more energy, stress detox, faster metabolism, deeper sleep & so much more. 😍

We have spaces available in our one-of-a-kind kickstart challenge. This challenge is specifically designed to boost your body in every way possible!


What You Can Expect:

πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ More Energy & Deeper Sleep from our 5 extraordinary wellness services
πŸ’ͺ Less Inflammation, Stronger Immunity & Full Body Detox from the best rejuvenating self care you’ve ever experienced
πŸ€— Softer Skin, Sharper Mental Focus & Faster Metabolism


No Wishy-Washy People Rule

We are only looking for people who are SERIOUS about committing the time to regularly visit so they can achieve the best body boosting effect that the challenge offers and earn a sweet prize at the end! 😊


Are You Up To The ChallengeπŸ₯‡?

If so, pay $295 for the Challenge during your 1st visit. Complete 10 visits within 28 days and we’ll buy back the cost of the challenge from you! You’ll be rewarded with a $295 gift card (or equivalent loyalty points) to redeem towards future services.


πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦Bring A Friend or Family Member

Want to do the Challenge with a friend or family member? Bring them along and they’ll get 50% off the Challenge cost. If they complete 10 visits within 28 days, they’ll also be rewarded with a $295 gift card (or equivalent loyalty points)!


⚠️ Important Note:

This challenge is only for those who are looking to commit the time required to see amazing results! If you do not plan to allocate the time over a 28 day period, this is not the right fit for you.



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